Taylor's Miracle was very inspiring and encouraging. Every city and town needs a parent like Taylor's. So often, it seems, parents of children with disabilities spend the first several (if not more) years of the child's life grieving. Understandably so, but early intervention can be critical for most children born with any type of deficiency.

I know it is difficult for these parents. It's hard enough being a parent to a "normal" child, let alone one who needs extra care and understanding. As a teacher of students with severe and moderate disabilities, my heart goes out to all parents with a challenging child. I don't pretend to know what they have gone through. But I do know the kids intimately at school and certainly know how difficult life can be for 8 hours during the day.

There are several miracles in this book. The miracle that Sheryl and Dave stayed married. The miracle that they had enough confidence in themselves to buck the doctors and stand up for what they believed in for their daughter. And the miracle of creating a support group, not only for themselves, but also for so many other people.

The view that Sheryl and her husband took in the story of their daughter is refreshing. Life is a gift and every life should be treated that way!

Mary C. McChesney, special education teacher and mother