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  • The finest gift we can give to our children is to teach them to live with, and in, deep and abiding love, hope, and faith. This book is a tribute to that sterling gift.

    With poignant humor and in gentle form, the author teaches all about a terribly difficult disorder and opens a clear view of the joy and strength that can only be found in the truest sense of bond, that of parent and child.

    Sheryl Hess has shared the trauma of years of pain laced with joy. She has shown us the energy that is born of pure devotion and a sense of marriage and family that is rare and oh, so refreshing.

    Sheryl has honored all of our children, especially our beautiful, innocent children who struggle to live with tuberous sclerosis.

    Maureen Reyes, mom of Carrie, who, together, with love, hope, and faith, are also learning to live with tsc


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